1 Stage 20A Solar Charge Regulator, BPS12RA-20

  • 1 Stage 20A Solar Charge Regulator, BPS12RA-20
The Benbro BES12RA-20 is a single array stage solar charge regulator
which is suitable for 12V negative earth systems.
The BES12RA-20 Solar Regulator is a fully automatic microcontroller based product that
utilises a solid state array switching element with very low on-losses.
It provides a temperature compensated multi mode charge regime and is complete with
Low Voltage load disconnect capability and alarm output contacts.
The display LEDs provide visual indication of the system status including system
Voltage, Charge mode and alarm status.
The regulator is housed in a compact IP65 plastic enclosure and is suitable for cable of up
to 6mm.
The Battery Voltage is measured using separate sense cables with reverse polarity

protection and all inputs are fitted with transient protection. 

Product Specifications

Type Solar
Vendor Benbro Electronics

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